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            ? A1
            ABS Class notation of vessel
            Always Afloat or Safe Aground. Condition for a vessel whilst in port
            Amsterdam-Antwerp-Rotterdam Area
            Annual Automation control Survey

            ? BMEA
            British Marine Equipment Association
            Broadcast Notice to Mariners
            British Offshore Support Vessel Owners Association
            Bridge Resources Management
            Berth Terms
            Brussels Tariff Nomenclature
            British Thermal Unit
            Ballast Water Management Plan

            ? C&F
            C&F FO
            C.B.T /CBT
            C/P /CP
            Cost, Insurance & Freight
            Cost and Freight Free Out
            Clean Ballast Tanks
            Cubic Feet (ft3)
            Charterparty or Charter Party
            Cash Against Documents
            Cubic Meters

            ? DAF
            Delivered At Frontier Cargo
            Days All Purposes
            Deals ,battens an Boards
            Destryed By Storm
            Dry Docking
            Delivery Duty Paid

            ? ECU
            European Currency Unit
            Electronic Chart System
            Efficient Deck Hand
            Electronic Data Interchange
            European Federation of Inland Ports
            European Geostationary Navigation Overlay Service
            European Harbour Masters Association
            Environmental Impact Assessment
            Excess Of Loss

            ? FOC
            Flag of Convenience
            Free On Warf
            Free of Particular Average
            Floating Production, Drilling, Storage and Offloading vessel
            Floating Production and Storage
            First Refusal. First attempt at best offer that can be matched
            Fast Rescue Boat
            Fast Rescue Craft
            Facility Response Plan

            ? GMDSS
            Global Maritime Distress and Safety System
            Greenwich Mean Time (Universal/Zulu Time)
            General Conditions
            Gross Observed Volume
            Gross Registered Tonnage
            Gross Standard Volume
            Gross Tons

            ? H&M
            Hull and Machinery
            NOAA's Hazardous Materials Response and Assessment Division
            Hydrostatic Balanced Loading
            High Capacity Passenger Vessel
            Hydrographic Chart Raster Format
            Half Dispatch Lay Time Saved Both Ends
            Half Dispatch Working Time Saved
            High Frequency
            Heavy Fuel Oil

            ? IFR
            Interim Final Rule
            In Lieu of Dry Dock, Class survey
            Interim Final Rule
            International Medical Guide for Ships
            International Noxious Liquid Substances
            Intern. Maritime Convention on Communication by Satellite
            International Code of Signals
            Intern. Association of Independent Tanker Owners
            Invoice Request Form
            Incident Reporting Information System
            Interim Final Rule
            Intact Stability Code (IMO)
            Integrated Services Digital Network
            Integrated Ship Design and Production
            International Shipping Federation
            International Safety Guide for Oil Tankers and Terminals
            International Safety Management Code (ISM Code)
            International Standard Serial Number
            Integrated Tug Barge
            International Tonnage Convention
            Inshore Traffic Zone. Navigational lane
            If Used, Half Time Actually to Count
            In Water Survey
            Joint Maritime Information System?Jack-Up (MODU)

            ? KN
            Kuching-Pending and Sarikei Service
            Keel To Mast
            kilo Volts Amps

            ? L/C
            Letter Of Credit
            average load/discharge rate per day, in tons
            Long tons (2,240 lbs.)
            Large Amplitude Motions and Loads
            Large Automatic Navigation Buoy
            Legal Automated Workstation System
            Lifeboat stations
            Landing Craft Air Cushion
            Loading Manual
            Legal Document Research System
            Light Displacement Ton
            Lower Explosive Limit
            Liquefied Gas Carrier
            Liquefied Hazardous Gas
            Loading Instrument
            Liner In Free Out
            Lloyds Machinery Certificate
            Liquefied Natural Gas
            Lift On/Lift Off
            Line of Position
            Load On Top
            Liquefied Petroleum Gas
            Lloyd's Register of Shipping
            Life Saving Index
            Limited Smooth Water Servic
            Low Water Ordinary Near Tides

            ? M&R
            Maintenance & Repair
            Metric tons (2,250 lbs.
            Motor Vessel
            Marine Accident Investigation Branch
            Marine Assistance Request Broadcasts
            Maritime Defense Zones
            Marine Pollution Prevention
            Marine Accident Reporting Scheme
            Distress Signal
            Main Bearing
            Modular Cargo Delivery System
            Marine Casualty Response Center
            Marine Custody Transfer Measurement
            Marine Environmentally High Risk Areas
            Marine Environmental Protection
            Magnuson Fishery Conservation and Management Act
            Marine Gas Oil
            Marine Index Bureau
            Marine Information Note
            Motor Lifeboat/li>
            Mean Low Water
            Merchant Marines Document (USCG)
            Merchant Marine Licensing & Document System
            Maritime Mobile Service Identity
            Merchant Navy Training Board
            Man Overboard
            Mobile Offshore Drilling Unit
            Mobile Offshore Production
            Marine Protection Area
            Maritime rescue coordination centre
            Maritime Subsidy Board
            Metric Tons

            ? NA
            NORSKE VERITAS
            Not Applicable
            Naval Sea System Command
            Non free trade zone
            NPFC Integrated Management System.
            Navigational and meteorological warning broadcast service
            Notice of Protest
            Norwegian classification society
            Net Present Value
            Net Standard Volume
            Net Standard Weight
            Net Tons
            Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier

            ? O/T
            On-Board Quantity
            Oil Pollution
            Officer of the deck
            Out Of Gauge
            Officer of the watch
            Ore/Oil Carrier
            Offshore Supply Vessel
            Oil Tight

            ? P&I
            Protecting & Indemnity Club
            Pushing and Towing Purposes
            Pressure Vacuum - Valve
            Passenger/Vehicles Ferry
            maximum size capable of transit of the Panama Canal
            Port Billing Rate
            Pure Car Carrier
            Part Cargo
            Per Day Pro-Rated
            Port Forward
            Personal Flotation Device
            Per Freight Ton
            Per Hatch Per Day
            Port Inboard
            Person In Charge
            Position Location Systems
            Port Liner Term Charges
            Preventive Machinery Maintenance system
            Planned Maintenance System
            Purchase Order
            Port Out Starboard Home
            Port Prefix
            Port Forward
            Parts Per Million
            Port State Control
            Pounds Per Square Inch
            Portable Sampling Unit
            Power Take Off
            Passenger User Fee
            Per Weather Working Day

            ? QC
            Quality Coordinator
            Quality Improvement Team
            Quality System Certification System

            ? R&D
            Research And Development
            Radio Direction and Range
            Replenishment at Sea
            Recreational Boating Safety
            Radio Direction Finder
            Refrigerated Cargo Ship or Container
            Reporting System
            Revised Report
            Request For Class
            Request For Invoice
            Request For Approval
            Request for Quote
            Restricted Greater Coasting Service
            River and Harbour Service
            Rigid Inflatable Boat
            Remaining On-Board
            Rate Of Exchange
            Roll On/Roll Off
            Rapid Response Damage Assessment
            Russian Register of Shipping
            Rapid Response Team

            ? SAF
            SP MAT
            Special Attendance Fees
            System to Automate and Integrate Logistics
            Single Anchor Leg Mooring
            SAR Management Information System
            Saturday P.M.
            Shipboard System
            Segregated Ballast Tanks
            Suez Canal Authority
            Standard Carrier Alpha Code
            Shipboard Computer Aided Maintenance Program
            Subsidies and Countervailing Measures
            Croatian Register of Shipping
            Summer Deadweight
            Self Discharging
            Cargo Ship Safety Construction Certificate
            Safety Equipment Certificate
            Passenger Ship Safety Certificate
            Single Number Access Code
            Shipper Owned Container
            Morse Code Distress Signal
            Safe Port
            Special Material
            Single Point Mooring System
            Survey Report Tracking Sheet
            Saturdays, Sundays, Holidays Included
            Ship Tracking and Retrieval System
            Short Term Disability
            Tanker with max. size capable of transit of the Suez Canal
            Salt Water Arrival Draft

            ? T&SP
            Towing and Salvage Purposes
            Time Charter
            Storage Tanks Tax
            To Be Scrapped
            Tanker Caustic Soda
            Total Calculated Volume
            Twenty Foot
            Tanker Fresh Water
            Tanker, Liquefied Flammable Gases
            Tender Offer
            Transfer Of Class Agreement (IACS)
            Total Loss
            Total Observed Volume
            Tons Per Centimeter
            Tons Per Inch (Immersion)
            Type Rating Certificate
            Telecommunication Relay Float
            Tween Decker

            ? UC
            Unanimous Consent
            Upper Explosive Limit
            Upper Flammable Limit
            Ultra High Pressure
            Uninterrupted Power Supply
            Ukrainian Register

            ? VDR
            Voyage Data Recorder
            Visual Display Unit
            Very High Frequency
            Vessel Identification System
            Very Large Bulk Carrier
            Very Large Crude Carrier
            Vapor Recovery System
            Vessel Safety and Operations Audit
            Vessel Traffic Management Services
            ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
            ? WLTHC
            Water Line / Top of Hatch Coaming
            Working Party on Surveyors Reporting and Certification
            Water Quality Insurance Syndicate
            Water-Tube Boiler Survey
            Water Working Days
            ? ? ? ? ? ? ??
            ? YAR
            York Antwerp Rules
            Year of Grace Survey

            ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ??









            PHOTOS & GALLERY

            ? ? ? ? ? ??


            ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ??
            ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

            ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

            INFO &?CONTACT?





            ? ? ? ??





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